Any time you decide to move house, you know it won’t be an easy task. There are a great many steps that you need to be sure are all done before, during and after your move. The trick is making sure you haven’t forgotten anything, and to do that you need to come up with a good checklist to follow. When making your checklist, remember that the process of moving starts before the big day. You have to start preparing a few weeks ahead. Here, we’ll give you some great tips to help you do just that.

Moving house checklist in Australia – four to six weeks ahead

This is where it all begins. The things that need to be done this far ahead of time include going through your belongings and getting rid of anything that you don’t need or want to keep. The less you have to move, the better off you are. You also want to organise household and contents insurance for the house you’ll be moving to as it can take a little time to get all the paperwork sorted. You also want to set up any school or daycare transfers for your kids.

Two to three weeks ahead

Now it’s a bit closer to the big move, other things need to be addressed. This is the time to contact all the proper authorities to notify them of your address change. It’s also the time to contact your family and friends to arrange for someone to be able to watch your kids and pets on moving day. You also want to go ahead and arrange any days off you might need from work to handle the move. Also, get any outdoor equipment disassembled ahead of time; this will save you a great deal of grief on moving day.

One week ahead

Now you’ve got one week to go. It’s time to come up with a basic floor plan so your movers will know what furniture goes in to which room. Also, begin preparing your household plants for transport. Let your gardener, cleaner, and babysitter know about the move and what your new address will be. Also, contact your mover and your real estate agent to verify all the pertinent details of your move.

The day before

There’s just one day to go, and it’s time for finishing touches. Defrost your fridge and get rid of any spoiled or outdated foods. Also, get your self some ice and a good portable Esky so you can properly transport your refrigerated items. Make sure your appliance cords are all unplugged and tied up. Finally, make sure you have plenty of cash ready just in case other expenses pop up at the last minute. Granted, this isn’t everything that you’ll need for a proper moving house checklist Australia, but these helpful tips will give you an excellent start.